Saturday, July 2, 2011

Write a Novel This Summer

Overwhelmed with the thought of writing an entire novel? You can do it! Check out Camp NaNoWriMo where you can find online support, tracking tools, and a serious deadline to help you write the rough draft of your novel in just a MONTH this summer.

2011 Camp NaNoWriMo sessions take place in July and August. Like you need to add more to your crazy summer filled with work and vacations and all the things you do. Right? And if you're a mom like me—trying to write amidst taxiing kids to camp, the pool, and just plain keeping them entertained and from saying, "Mom, I'm bored." Well, there's always the original NaNoWriMo that kicks off in November. Either way, you'll have that novel written by Christmas.

Hope you're staying cool this summer. To all my American friends . . .

Happy 4th of July!

Be safe where you are!

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