Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

I can't believe I'm blogging about tornadoes AGAIN. This time the tornado outbreak was in my neck of the woods in Oklahoma yesterday. It was a scary afternoon for sure.

Before the weather turned severe, I was at my hairstylist and was the last haircut of the day. They cancelled the rest of the days appointments due to the high risk or tornadoes. My hubby came home from work early since the meteorologists were telling people to stay off the highways during the late afternoon to evening hours. Then, we picked up our kids early from school. And it wasn't long until the weather turned violent and tornado sirens blared.

Our previous home had a tornado shelter. Since our current home does not, we headed to the kid's school (along with our neighbors across the street) that was opened up as a public tornado shelter. Many new schools built in Oklahoma are equipped with safe roomsreinforced above ground shelters able to withstand high winds.

As I type this, CNN is reporting a tornado on the ground in Sedalia, Missouri. This is just days after the F5 tornado tore a path of massive destruction through Joplin and, according to one report, destroyed seventy-five percent of the town.

Here are some stories on recent tornadoes:

Joplin Death Toll at 116 Making It Deadliest Tornado in Nearly 60 Years

Tornadoes, storms kill 6 in Oklahoma and Kansas

My prayers go out to everyone affected. There's a three-year-old boy still missing in the town of Piedmont. If you are a praying person too, please keep him and his family in your prayers.

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