Sunday, February 13, 2011

Misconceptions About Picture Book Writing

Misconception #1: Since picture books are written for younger children they are the easiest to write and sell.

Picture books are DIFFICULT to write. Every word must count and many editors are wanting shorter picture book manuscripts. Try fitting a coherent story into 500 words or less. AND your story must be truly fantastic to rise above the slush pile. Also, a published author/friend of mine said that a picture book is approximately a $150,000 investment for a publisher. No wonder the competition is crazy-fierce and rejections are a plentiful. Yowza.

Why does everyone think it's easy to write a picture book?

Picture Book Manuscripts: Why Most Fail to Sell

Misconception #2: My kids, neighbors, mom, and cats LOVE my picture book, so it must be good.
Dude, not so fast. Have you seen those people on American Idol who don't make it to Hollywood? Cringe-worthy stuff. I'll bet their mamas said they were good, too. 

Unrealistic Expectations? Unrealistic Expectations, Party of Four?

Misconception #3: If I write a picture book, I have to find my own illustrator.

Um, NO.

Picture Book Manuscripts and Illustrations

Guide to Literary Agents

Happy writing!

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  1. Thanks for doing your part to dispell some of those myths. Writing is hard work, folks!