Thursday, December 2, 2010

You've Found The Right Critique Group If . . .

 1.  Not only are you excited they are critiquing your work, but you cannot wait to critique theirs. They are some of your favorite writers and people.

 2.  There are no personality conflicts. You actually like these writers and call them your friends.

 3.  They kick your bootay, but you appreciate their honesty. It makes you a better writer.

 4.  They are tactful in what they say never breaking your spirit and making you want to quit writing forever. They point out your manuscripts weaknesses and STRENGTHS.

 5.  Their comments and suggestions propel you to want to be your best. This encourages you to keep  growing in your craft.

 6.  You cheer them on in their successes and they cheer you on in yours. Jealousy doesn't sabotage your relationships. You are honestly happy for one another.

 7.  They hold you accountable because you must produce work each designated time. This makes you more productive.

 8.  These wonderful people inspire you.

 9.  You truly appreciate all that they do.

10. You want to tell everyone about your critique group because they are freakin' AWESOME!