Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Find Time To Write

Most of us are crazy busy. Full-time jobs, housework, kids, sports, homework, family, friends, and other commitments keep us constantly on the go. Top that off with finding time to write, and that can be a challenging feat. It’s enough to make your head spin like Linda Blair’s in the move, The Exorcist.

If you have a passion to write, finding time is not impossible. Here’s how:

Get up early.

The crack of dawn has never been my thang. I’m not an early riser. I like to sleep in ‘till the very last possible moment. Then I reach for a big honkin’ mug of java or Earl Grey tea to jolt my brain cells awake. For many writers, the quiet of the morning proves productive. Set your alarm and give it a go you early bird, you. Make writing your first priority of the day.

Stay up late.

I’m more of a night owl kind of gal. I’d much rather stay up late to write than get up before the sun. To me, there’s just something so wrong about getting up while it’s still dark out. Late into the night can be an ideal time to write. The kids are in bed, the phone doesn’t ring. Hopefully the prose will sing.

Write while the kids are in school.

If you’re a stay-at-home work your tail off mom like me, you probably have some luxury of writing while your kiddos are in school. This is the time I write most. I lug my laptop to the library, Starbucks (writing can be lonely, and I need to be around people!), sit at my breakfast table or in my office to write. My creative juices seem to flow better when I mix up writing locations. School hours are a good time to write!

Write during your lunch hour.

One of my writing buddies has a full-time job and spends her lunch hour writing. Sometimes she goes to a park with her laptop in tow to get away from the office. Knowing you only have small amount of time to write can make you super productive. Oh, yeah.

Write on the fly.

If you’re on the run, keep a small notebook handy so you can write anywhere when ideas strike. One day, I made the mistake of not carrying any paper or pen in my purse and ended up using a Subway napkin and cobalt blue eyeliner pencil. Not pretty. You can also use your phone’s notebook feature. I’ve written many ideas on my iphone. Love that technology.

Happy Writing!


  1. I never would have thought in a million years I could be the kind of person to wake up early in the morning to do ANYTHING, much less write. But once I tried it, I ended up really liking it. I went to work about and hour-and-a-half early and got a lot done (a page and a half usually). It was quiet, no phones, no kids, nothing. I wrote the better part of two books that way!

    Now, for various reasons, I have to write during my lunch hour. Not as ideal because I'm still at work where people can bug me, the phone rings, etc. I also don't like that it's not a set time. Early morning was a consistent schedule, exactly the same every day, which I liked.

  2. That's awesome that you were able to get up early to write. I wish I could be that disciplined! Hope you can get back to doing that soon. By the way, I LOVE your artwork!